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The beginning of Makipuray

Starting a new challenge with the Alpacas

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I m still remenber that day when i went to RAN : RAN a comunity close to Sibayo. Well , not very close, we had to walk for hours to find this comunity . I think after this trip Carole by that time she was a photographer.After that she started her own company selling alpaca sweaters.
I still have in my head , the image when a baby alpaca died in front of my face .. why? Because she was weak , and sick. Why the Alpacas died so easy? . Talking with the Locals, who told me is because of the coldness and the bad quality of grass that they used to eat.They told me and they need , kind of shelters to protect their pregnant alpacas and the babies one.
I tried so hard to find any help from another countries, but nobody listened me. I only had the hopes from some people. Thanks God, Kumar my dear friend from Uk is going to help us .. I feel so great about that.
Also talking about the production with the alpaca wool, is very depressing too. So i decide to start to offer their products in Europe but improving the quality of designe and wool.
I know , i have a lot of energy to do many things in my life , but also is great if i have the help of people that you trusted. That the reason i explained my dream idea about the alpacas to my dear friends Tuti And Jon. I think i chose the right people for this proyect. SO this last weekend i went wit them to introduce them, the comunities , the people, the artisans......They liked also the proyect , they want to help me in this new proyect .. we knoe is not gping to be Easy, but at the same time is challenging.
Jon, he sis giving us great ideas , also Tuti has a very good point of view about the project.
Now, i want to learn everithing about the production and how to offer their products. This weekend im going to Puno to visit a old friend i met many years ago from france who is working at the same business , and i can feel will be a very good meeting.
The name of the prpyect is MAKIPURAY , is a quechua word and means " made or worked by hands", is not wonderful??Is only the beginning and i m already soo excited.
Any question how to get Sibayo you can contact me to katicita@gmail.com

Big hugs for you

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Did you know about Chucuito in Puno?

The peninsula de Chucuito

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Hi , everyone
I m suscribe in travellers points isnce 1 year ago, but i never thought to write about my experiences travelling. Well, here wwe go, sorry for my english .. Im a peruvian, so please dont be mad with me.
well, the history started like this, 5 years ago, i heard abiut a great party in Puno , called the famous party for a famous virgen" candelaria" ,somebody told me," if you go to Puno, you can get bed for free , beers for free and parties every day, so. young people, like me and my cousin we were looking for something we can do together.
So we took our bus to Puno , and arrive in Puno, it wa s true, parties everywhere , people dancing with multicolot dresses, beers everywhere. We enjoy this party for 1 week, after this time, we went to viist other villages. Only 12 minutes from Puno is the great village of Chucuito.They have a very nice main square, they still have some colonial houses around, and many culture from the altiplano, they didnt have many hostels at that time. We discover one beautiful hotel, all built in stone.I have to admit .. I FALL IN LOVE OF THIS HOTEL, there were no one at te hostal, only hilda and edgar ,the 2 peopke who were take caring of the hotel.
chucuito2006 044.jpgchucuito2006 052.jpg

Now after 5 years later, im working in tourism, i learned new things , now im promoting through internet the Hotel Glorieta, we have an english volunteer teaching english to the community for few months and we have alreday the next 2 volunteer coming in october.
The people from the village took me to one formidable area called PENINSULA DE CHUCUITO .. the view of the lake is just Fantastic .... now, we are organizing lunches next to the lake with the colaboration of the community. I think God or Life had a mission for me , the mission to have the open eyes to see waht the others they cant see.
People from the comunities are amazing , so friendly . Im still remenber, that beautiful lady who tell us a poem is " aymara" watching the lake titicaca . After that , you can feel .. GOD , life is so perfect , thanks to be here....

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